Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ on Times Garments


1) How to become a franchise/partner at Times Garment.

A) Click at Apply franchise and then order sample product, a new form will appear fill all the details.

2)  Can Male  apply for franchise.

A) NO only for women we are giving franchise at this moment.

3) IF I buy sample product  from your website . so I will get franchise .

A) Buying sample product from our website it doesn’t  mean your eligible to become a franchise/ partner with us. Check our terms and condition.

4) Who can become my guarantor?

A) NO Guarantor Required, 

5) How I will get product on credit?

A) Check our terms and condition.

6)Can I sell product online, friends at my own price?

A) You can sell the product anywhere at your Price.

7) Will I get 50,000/- worth stock at same time?

A) It will depends after the verification , maybe gradually we will increase your limit .

8) Sample product will you take back or can i return?

A) NO, sample product is not refundable. check the terms and condition

9) Credit time after receiving stock?

A) check our terms and condition.